Our Story of Drake

       I founded Drake's Memorials to honor my grandson. His death lit the fire of a deep desire to keep his memory strong. Having experienced grandparenthood some 6 years earlier and acquainted with the pure love and joy it brings, the excitement and anticipation of his arrival reached a sky level crescendo. The caring, feeding, playing, holding and loving of a baby grandchild is perfection in earthly form. His mother would never hold him until he was gone. The rest of us would never hold him at all. I do hold him in my memory daily and heart eternally. I began searching for ways to honor his memory by collecting and giving 'sentimorials'. I found a few nice things and most included heartfelt messages but generic in nature.

      I then recalled how the mother of friend who died young would celebrate his birthday with a very unique twist of tradition. With her permission that idea is now in development and will be a part of the passion, purpose and mission of Drake's Memorials and More to offer unique and personalized ways for all to honor the memories of passed loved ones.


Drake's Papa